Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Oktober 2022 di PT Smoore Technology Indonesia

papaloker.com - Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Oktober 2022 - PT Smoore Technology Indonesia merupakan perusahaan asal China dengan hasil produksi berupa pod dari roko elektrik berskala internasional.

Didirikan pada tahun 2009, Smol International adalah perusahaan teknologi tinggi nasional yang berfokus pada penelitian dan pengembangan teknologi atomisasi, dan pemimpin global dalam menyediakan solusi teknologi atomisasi. Perusahaan ini memiliki kemampuan penelitian dan pengembangan teknologi produk dan penelitian dasar yang canggih, serta kekuatan manufaktur terdepan di industri, portofolio produk yang luas, dan basis pelanggan yang beragam. Berkantor pusat di Shenzhen, perusahaan ini memiliki 15 kawasan industri independen dengan total luas properti lebih dari 500.000 meter persegi dan karyawan hampir 2W. Pada Juli 2020, Smol International tercatat di Hong Kong dengan kode saham 06969.HK, yang merupakan saham pertama di industri atomisasi elektronik.

Saat ini PT Smoore Technology Indonesia kembali membuka lowongan kerja terbaru sebagai:

1. Equipment Operation Supervisor

Job Description:

Assist the equipment manager in the management and maintenance of plant equipment;

Responsible for the assignment, training, guidance, supervision, and assesment of maintenance personnel;

Manage the department staff to ensure that their daily work is carried out in an orderly manner

Establish equipment information record sheets and manage equipment related data/documents

Supervise the statistical analysis of equipment operation status, failure rate, OEE, MTTR, MTBF, down time, etc.

Responsible for the daily management of equipment and facilities to ensure their normal operation, assist in equipment maintenance and improvement.


Bachelor degree or above in equipment, automation, engineering or related majors;

Skilled at Office software

Experience in the equipment management of large production lines, experience in leading multi – mational teams;

Excellent in English, knowledge of Mandarin is preferred

Ability to manage and coordinate a technical team with more than 100 people

Statistical analysis ability of equipment abnormality data

Professional knowledge of TPM, TPM promotion experience

Familiar with machine/ equipment trouble shooting

Familiar with product production procedure

Working location: Singosari, Malang, East Java.

2. Maintenance & Improvement SPV

Job Description:

Assist the equipment manager in the management and maintenance of plant equipment;

Responsible for the assignment, training guidance, supervision and assesment of maintenance personnel;

Participate in the preparation, updating and maintenance of the system document of the department;

Participate in the development and implementation arrangement of annual preventive maintenance plans;

Responsible for the management of spare parts warehouse and the application of spare parts;

Develop the equipment inspection standarts and check the implementation situation;

Responsible for the modification and improvement of the equipement;

Responsible for daily and periodic inspections of the equipment and facilities;

Responsible the promotion and management of TPM;

Responsible for the analysis of equipment abnormalities, and the development and implementation of abnormality solutions;

Responsible for the daily maintenance of SCADA system;

Perform other task assigned by the equipment manager.


Bachelor degree any major

Have experience in the same position

Strong executive ability, sensitive to quality date

Good communication

Be skillful at using various measuring instruments; know the use Office software to make simple charts and do basic data analys

Experience in quality management at the grass roots level

Strong conflict management ability of front line staff

Working Location : Singosari, Malang – East Java

3. Vision Engineer

Responsibilities :

Test and optimize automatic vision inspection equipment;

Optimize programs and vision algorithms;

Optimize equipment parameters and complete hardware debugging to satisfy productio demand;

Compile equipment and software operation manual, summarize the debugging skills and train technicians;

Job requirement :

Bachelor degree or above in computer, automation, electronics, communication, industrial robot or related field

At least 1 year working experience in equipment commissioning;

Good knowledge of the principle of automatic control;

Experience in image processing and PC programming is preferred;

Experience in measurement, defect detection or OCR / OCV projects is preferred;

Familiarity with office software;

Good knowledge of English.People skilled in Chinese are preferred;

Working location : Singosari, Malang East Java

4. PE Engineer

Responsibilities :

Analyze and improve product structure design to improve product quality and all kinds : production doucments to prapare ;

Process inspection POKA YOKE (Mistake Proofing) improvement, process and fixture design;

DFM review of new products;

All kinds of verification report and conclusion output;

Analysis and countermeasure of abnormal quality of production line;

Assist and improve supplier’s process capability;

Other jobs assigned by superior.

Job requirement :

Bachelor degree or above in science and engineering,

At least 3 years experience in PE,

English is a must, chinese is better,

Proficient in 2D/3D drawing software like CAD/Soildworks,

Familiar with DOE and other engineering tools,

Strong ability of logical analysis,

Strong passion for product technology or process,

Strong sense of team honor, willing to cooperate,

Working location : Singosari, Malang East Java.

5. Production Mechanical Engineer

Responsibilities :

Lead import verification and evaluation of new automatic lines and single equipment;

Formulate equipment import plan and follow up;

Optimize mechanical parts of imported equipment or fixtures to improve equipment utilization rate and production efficiency;

Analyze major equipment failure and propose a solution ;

Compile and update ME procedure documents and operation SOP;

Design and implement equipment structure optimization;

Organize equipment TPM and train technicians.

Job requirement :

Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical;

At least 5 years experience in equipment maintenance or management;

Familiar with equipment maintenance process and equipment utilization rate improvement;

Familiar with office software;

People with working experience in automatic line maintenance are preferred

Good knowledge of English. People skilled in Chinese are preferred;

Be proficient in AutoCAD and SolidWorks

Project support/leading through development of concepts, layouts, 3-D solid models, fabrication drawings, assembly drawings and assembly models, and bills of material

Be able to analysis equipment failures and exception

Working location : Singosari, Malang East Java

6. Production Line Leader

Job Description:

Execute production according to production plan, supervise the operation efficiency of each production node, allocate basic resources to ensure the completion of production tasks;

Site management: implement 5S site improvement, safety inspection, supervise personnel discipline and maintain production line order;

Supervise the operation according to SOP, guide the operation of the staff, feedback the quality abnormality on site at any time, and cooperate with the engineer to complete the abnormal treatment;

Counted the completion status of production tasks, handled the return and supplement operations of production process, and ensured the matching of production schedule with the system;

Held team meetings to unify the thoughts of employees, master the working conditions of employees, answer questions and solve doubts, and build a unity culture of the workshop;

Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.


Diploma or Bachelor degree ;

Have experience as line leader min 2 years;

Good communication and coordination skills;

Strong sense of responsibility, ability to work under pressure, and learning ability.

Able to use Office computer and sensitive to data;

Working Location: Singosari – Malang

7. Project Engineer

Job Description :

Follow up overseas key customer projects and be responsible for the whole process management of the project

Coordinate resources, internal coordination, follow up project progress and delivery date

Internally organize meetings, output task list and follow-up results

Communicate with customer and internal teams to follow-up key points

Requirements :

Full time bachelor degree in science and engineering

Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, and can be used as a working language

Familiar with office and project management software

Strong communication skills, proactive work attitude and professionalism, strong learning ability and strong pressure resistance

At least three years experience in project management

Be familiar with factory manufacturing environment and product process flow

Experience in operation project management is preferred

Work location : Singosari, Malang East Java

8. Maintenance Engineer

Responsibilities :

Operation and maintenance of utilities in the factory

To be a role of leading the technician team to do a good job and complete the various task assigned by the superior leaders.

Solve any abnormal matters and restore them timely, which found during the daily inspection and patrol.

Analyze the causes of hidden dangers in the facility system and formulate solutions.

Enhance the maintenance ability and avoid any shutdown incident from factory utilities.

Follow-up and implementation of energy-saving projects.

Trouble shooting for electricity, HVAC and air compressor etc.

Other tasks assigned by superior.

Job requirement :

Diploma or bachelor degree, major in electrical engineering, mechanical and HVAC relevant.

At least 8 years experience in utilities or facilities management of factory.

Familiar with working process of plant utilities system, be able to maintain the whole plant utilities including electricity, HVAC, air compressor, vacuum pumps, purified water etc.

Have electrician certificate, refrigeration certificate and other related professional certificates.

Strong hands-on ability and rich experience in on-site problem solving.

Careful, honest, quick thinking, responsible and initiative.

Working location : Singosari, Malang East Java

9. Maintenance Technician (Electrical/HVAC Technician/General Technician)


Strictly follow the operation procedures and keep the utilities in good condition.

Strictly implement the inspection and patrol rules, make inspection record and operation record.

Repair and maintain the utilities according to engineer’s arrangement and maintenance plan, take corrective

measures immediately and report it timely when any abnormal matters found, so as to prevent hidden dangers occurs.

Implement the on-duty and shift to ensure that there are no problems when on the job.

Other tasks assigned by superior


Diploma degree, major in electrical engineering or mechatronics.

Basic quality: responsible, to be honest and willing to work hard, pragmatic, not showy, strive for excellence.

Conditions: good health, age over 28 years old.

Work experience: more than 3 years of professional operation and maintenance.

Special requirements: high/low voltage national certificate with degree K3, relevant maintenance certificate, and other certificate issued by the government authorities.

Working location : Singosari, Malang East Java

10. Suplier Quality Engineer


Follow up current supplier transfer, qualification process;

New supplier development, coach and improvement;

Establish and optimize incoming inspection standard for lQC;

Daily non-conforming material follow up with internal team and supplier;


Bachelor degree major mechanical engineering/ electrical engineering

Familiar with plastic, metal, packaging etc manufacturing process and quality and technical requirement;

Familiar with QC 7 tools, PDCA, 8D methodology SPC, MSA, QCP, PFMEA quality tools.

Familiar with ISO9000, ISO14000, GMP, HACCP, ISO13485 system requirement, certified with ISO9000 internal auditor:

Familiar with normal measuring equipment,

Good communication and coordination skill, better problem solving skill by using proper resource;

Working location: Singosari – Malang

11. Process Quality Engineer

Job Description::

Line/equipment qualification follow up and reporting;

In process non-conforming follow up with 8D methodology;

Quality improvement project leader;

Quality standardization;


Bachelor degree any major;

Master QC 7 tools;

Excellent data analysis capability;

Strong will for improvement, with independent or using proper resource to push the internal improvement;

Excellent report presentation skill;

Better communication skill within cross function team;

Working Location in Singosari – Malang.

12. Electricity Engineer


In charge for high and low voltage electrical system as well as responsible for daily factory electrical management.

Responsible to establish electrical system standard included electrical program document and operation record.

According to the needs of the work, make the revamping proposal and operation plan for electricity system, and implement it.

Emergency response to resolve system error when electrical system failure occur.

Responsible for equipment energy saving and sustainability management.

Responsible for electrical system document control and provide technical training to electrician.

Other tasks assigned by superior.

Requirements :

Diploma or Bachelor degree, major in electrical engineering or mechatronics.

At least 5 years working experience in maintenance and management of electrical power system.

Have the ability to understand electrical design drawings (power distribution system diagram, familiar with power specifications and standards).

Have the factory utility maintenance experience, production and manufacturing industrial background.

Master the 20KV MVMDP and LVMDP systems, transformers, gensets, etc., and it is preferred to have the experience of communication and coordination with PLN for electricity upgrade.

Basic English skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, it is preferred to speak Chinese.

Positive attitude, outgoing personality, hard-working, self-motivation, open communication

Work Location : Singosari Malang, East Java

13. In Process Quality Control Supervisor

Job Description:

Respons for daily management of QC tea, such as the allocation of tasks, 5S, QC recruitment, cross departement communication and so on

Follow up and deal with quality problem of producing process

Daily inspection and audit of production line, such as check work eficiency of QC and operation compliance

Complete and submit weekly and monthly QC quality report


Bahelor degree any major

Have experience in the same position

Strong executive ability, sensitive to quality date

Good communication

Be skillful at using various measuring instruments; know the use Office software to make simple charts and do basic data analys

Experience in quality management at the grass roots level

Strong conflict management ability of front line staff

Working Location : Singosari, Malang – East Java

14. Production Clerk and Translator

Job Description:

Assist the manager in daily communication

Plant and implement department activities

Attendance statistics and overtime reporting, personal entry and departure matters

Receiving external documents, delivering internal documents, binding and filling, binding and filling of interbal procedures of the department.

Budget, purchase and requisition for daily consumable of the department, manage and reimburse expenses for activities of the department

Apply for and cancel system accounts of the department

Sign and verify the daily contact sheet and weekly scrap sheet of the department and other inter-department documents

Documents of department audit, such as 5S, discipline, special audit, etc

Complete other tasks assign by superior leaders


Proficient in Office software

Strong sense of responsibility and careful work

Have certain activity planning ability, be able to organize daily league building activities of the department

Good communication and coordination skills

Working Location : Singosari, Malang- East Java

Fluent in english , mandarin is a plus

At least 2 years working experience as a clerk & translator

15. Industrial Engineer

Responsibilities :

Able to use ECRS (Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange, and Simplify) mothods in jobs to wooly production efficiency ;

Time study. According to workers action to research how to make a standard hours. Maintain and update the standard working hours;

Cost and benefit assessment of automation project;

Cost down in the production process;

Kaizen and lean project implementation and push, such as VSM, TPM, One piece flow lean tools etc;

Design and plan production line layout;

Other jobs assigned by superior.

Job requirement :

Bachelor degree or above in science and engineering,

At least 3 years experience in IE,

English is a must, chinese is better,

Familiar with IE improvement methods and key skills, have capacity assessment ability,

Able to use AutoCAD software, have actual experience in cable layout,

Strong IE theoretical foundation and innovation consciousness,

Working location : Singosari, Malang East Java.

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